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I developed this formula and used it to help me build a blog that went from $0 to$48,536 a month within 18 months -- before selling it for $1.2 million just 2 years after I started it. 

I’ve used this same formula in multiple niches and taught it to others who have used it to build blogs that generate over $10,000/month in income.

Now I’m revealing this secret 4-part-formula online for the first time ever… So you can steal it from me and begin using it today. 

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Or if you’re already self-employed you can use it to create another $10,000/month revenue stream.

Plus, this foolproof formula works no matter what level of experience you have (I’ll prove it to you below).

Curious? Keep reading to see exactly what this 4-part formula is, and how it can transform your bank account and help you escape the rat race for good.

Dear Friend, 

Before I became a millionaire from blogging and SEO I was an accountant.

And even though I hated my job I was -- and still am -- a numbers guy at heart.

That’s because math is what’s known as a hard science. Unlike fields like philosophy or sociology -- math is very black and white.

There’s a certain beauty to how orderly math is.

1 + 1 will always equal 2.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about that statement…

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree…

It doesn’t matter if it offends you…

The truth is: 1 + 1 = 2.

It always has. And always will.

Math is something you can rely on to be the same yesterday, today and forever.

In a world of uncertainty it’s still one of those rock solid areas of life.

“That’s nice, but what does math have to do with blogging?”

Great question.

In fact, it’s literally the Million Dollar Question.

Because honestly, if I hadn’t dared to ask that question a few years ago I would not have figured out a formula that allowed me to consistently build $10,000/month blogs.

I also wouldn’t have been able to sell my blog for $1.2 million a couple years ago…

...I also never would have been able to quit the soul-sucking job I hated.

Nor would I have been able to buy the home I really wanted. Or travel to some amazing destinations with my beautiful wife.

I really owe a lot to that simple little question...

“What does math have to do with blogging?”

And if you stick with me I’ll show you exactly why this question is so powerful -- and how it not only led me on a journey that resulted in what could be one of the biggest discoveries in the “how to make money online” world -- but could literally be the key to helping you build a blog that brings in $10,000 or more a month.

But before we dive into that let me introduce myself and tell you what my life was like just a few short years ago, before I knew anything about blogging.

Hi, My Name Is Shane Dutka...​

Before I made over $1 million from blogging I had a normal 9-5 job as an accountant.

I would fight traffic every morning, come into the office and pour myself a cup of nasty coffee and then sit at my desk to do the same thing every day.

I had to crunch numbers all day long. I’d make dozens of PowerPoint presentations about the most boring crap. 

There was no window to look out of and when everything was quiet you could hear the low hum of the cheap office lights hanging above us.

Sometimes I’d imagine one of those lightbulbs wiggling loose and falling on my head… at least that would be something new and different!

My boss and co-workers hated their jobs too so it made for a pretty toxic culture with lots of gossip and backbiting.

And I could see how they became this way…

When you look at your life and realize you’re doing the same old mundane crap today that you were doing last year, the year before that and ten years before that… it really depresses you.

All your doing is trading time -- your most precious resource -- for money.

I knew I had to get out… but I felt stuck.

I’m very conservative about money and so even though I hated my job I couldn’t imagine quitting unless I had something I was 100% certain would replace my income.

So it went on like this for quite some time...

I would read business books and watch Shark Tank with my wife at night. But I wasn’t really motivated to take action, until the day I got that letter…

All This For $8 Dollars A Day More?!​

I can still remember the feeling of being handed that envelope letting me know I was getting my annual raise… a whopping 3%.

This would mean I would get about $43 more per week. Or about $8 more per workday.

As I stared at the piece of paper in my hand I just sat there and zoned out for a minute… thinking about the trajectory my life was on.

Working 50 hours each week, trying to please a boss who was never going to be happy because he never figured out how to get out of the rat race… dealing with the boredom and monotony that comes from doing the same thing every single day, week and year… all for what?

For a whole EIGHT more dollars a day?

“What’s wrong Shane?” my boss said as he stood over my cubicle sipping his unusually big coffee mug.

“You not happy with that?”

“Oh, no, sorry, I was just thinking about something else. This is good. Thank you,” I said.

“Good. By the way, you have that new presentation done? The client put a rush on that so we need it done by tomorrow morning. Any chance you can stay late to finish it?”


“Thanks Shane. Appreciate you being a team player,” he said as he walked off while looking down at his phone.

‘Man, I have to get out of here!’ I thought.

But I felt trapped. I heard stories of people quitting their job to start a business but then going broke. And the fear of that was more powerful than the hate I had for my job.

But I knew I had to do something… I just didn’t know what.

Then an idea hit me…

Bow Ties: My First Online Business​

“Bow ties.”

I remember watching an episode of Shark Tank about a 12-year-old kid who built a successful bow tie business…

And since I was passionate about men’s fashion I assumed this would be a great niche (Mistake #1).

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got...

If a 12-year-old can build a business, it can’t be that hard!

I always heard you should follow your passion and so this seemed to tick the whole three boxes I had:

[X] - Are you passionate about it?
[X] - Is it something other than my crappy job? 
[X] - Can I do this online?

Not much more to it honestly.

No validation, no product-market fit, just a gut feeling and willingness to get started.

Extremely dumb in hindsight, but I’ll get into that more later…

After I settled on the bow tie idea I realized I needed a logo, a website, and someone to actually make the dang bow ties. All things I didn’t know the first thing about.

So I spent the next 6 months figuring all that out…

And eventually “The Bow Tie Guy” was born.

I worked with freelancers on Upwork to design the products. Negotiated with manufacturers in China to get the product made.

And contracted with freight forwarders to get the bow ties shipped to my house in Washington D.C.

Below is a picture of my first box of brand new bow ties…

$38,000 Spent With $0 Sales...

At this point I’d spent about $38,000 and 6 months of my time with $0 in sales.

The stress was mounting since I still had a full-time job to do on top of all this.

Plus, I was starting to get annoyed at all the boxes of bow ties in our house (pictured below), knowing we were going into debt over what appeared to be a bad business idea.

But I kept pushing (or more like digging a hole)…

I then hired a marketing agency to build me a website for $8,000 (Mistake #2).

I assumed since they were professionals that the website would be optimized for online searches and for conversions. But after I learned more about search engine optimization (SEO) and websites I realized the site they built was a complete mess!

I remember looking at one of their invoices (see below) they sent me and getting this sinking feeling in my gut, knowing I had just made another huge mistake.

So here I was, still stuck at my soul-sucking job, but now with a mountain of stress from my failed business to deal with too.

I Started To Wonder If I Was Cut Out For This

I felt very depressed as I kept battling thoughts like…

Maybe some people are cut out to be entrepreneurs and some are not.

Maybe I’m just destined to work a 9-5 job for the rest of my life.

I’d get home from work and sit down at my home computer trying to figure out how to sell theses stupid bow ties I had sitting in my house.

“Shane, can you do something with these bow ties? My parents are coming over tonight and this place looks like a mess,” my wife said as she dropped a box of bow ties on the floor next to my chair.

With my hands still on my keyboard I turned my head sideways and glared at the box of bow ties and sighed.

I could feel the hope drain out of me.

It was one of the worst feelings of my life.

The longer I looked at that box the more I felt like a complete and utter failure.

The stress started to affect my health and I found it harder and harder to sleep.

One time, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like I was having a panic attack…

I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went to the kitchen, grabbed a cup of milk and sat down at the kitchen table.

I saw a sudoku puzzle in the paper so I decided to do it. For a moment my mind was free from the barrage of thoughts about my failed online business as I focused on at least one thing I was good at… math.

And that’s when it hit me!!

The Aha Sudoku Moment!

How could math help me solve this blogging puzzle?

I may not know much about business or entrepreneurship… but I knew math. I knew formulas, algorithms and equations.

But I hadn’t been using that part of my brain in this venture…

I was operating under the assumption that blogging was a Right-Brain “creative” endeavor that relied on passion to succeed, while my analytical Left-Brain was only good for my 9-5 accounting job.

That’s when I had this paradigm shift about taking an analytical, data driven approach to blogging.

Basically I would treat it like a math problem to be solved. And that one single thought triggered a whole host of other ideas and solutions to the mess I was in.

Suddenly my brain started searching for answers to this problem, and I snapped out of my depression and got to work!

From that moment on, I put on my accountant hat and gave myself permission to take a scientific approach to blogging.

I stopped listening to all the “blog your passion” gurus who loved to share all their opinions with people — and instead I searched for cold hard facts behind why some blogs were successful and others were not.

And so I did what I knew how to do best… I researched like crazy and basically became like an investigative reporter… like a bloodhound looking for clues to solve a murder… I sifted through a ton of information and was constantly filtering it through the question of:

“Is this just someone’s opinion or is it a fact?”

And 95% or more of what I saw was merely opinion.

So whenever I found hard facts — which were rare — it was a major win.

I started with an equation we use in math where you start with the end number and ask, “What needs to be true in order for this number to be the answer?”

I wrote down $10,000.

If the “answer” to the formula was $10,000 then what other components need to be true in the formula?

I asked Myself... In Order For A Blog To Make $10,000/Month... What Must Be True?

The more I researched and talked to bloggers who were making $10,000 or more a month, the more I realized how much harder selling your own physical products (like bow ties) was when you could just be an affiliate for existing products and services.

And so I removed “sell my products” from the equation and replaced it with “promote other products.”

I continued to work backwards from there…

Part 1: Lucrative Niche

If I wanted to make $10,000 or more a month promoting other products then I would need to make sure there was enough demand in that niche to support this.

The niche must also have a lot of low-hanging fruit so that if I created enough good blog posts about it, then there would be opportunity for me to profit from it.

It also couldn’t be too competitive because I didn’t want to compete with established blogs and websites that had way more authority than me.

The deeper I went down the rabbit hole the more important I realized “niche selection” was in building a $10,000/month blog.

Because you could do everything else right but if you chose the wrong niche then it’s all for nothing.

And that’s exactly what I’d done with the bow tie blog. I picked it based on passion. Not data.

I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

After a lot of research and analysis I created a custom spreadsheet that showed me the niches that were the most popular and lucrative right now.

At the top of the list was “pest control.”

I had no interest, passion or experience in pest control.

But it’s what the data pointed to so I went with it.

I was more passionate about digging myself out of this financial hole I’d dug and finally making some good money. So I didn’t care how I felt about it.

Accountant Shane was in the driver seat now! And I was sticking to the plan.

Part 2: On-site SEO

I also did an analytical deep dive into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the science behind Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

I realized how the website is set up matters if you want it to be optimized for Google’s Search Algorithm.

There are certain On-Site SEO best practices that when followed, will allow your blog to rank high in record time. But if you don’t do these things it could literally cost you years to get any sort of significant traffic.

Part 3: Quality Links

In addition to On-Site SEO I also found out just how important getting Quality Links pointing to your blog really are. The number of Quality Links you have can really be the difference between making $100/month, $1,000/month or $10,000/month.

And so I did a ton of research and interviews with experts to find exactly how many, and what quality, of links I would need if I wanted a $10,000/month blog.

I also discovered a super smart way to acquire these links using an outreach script and strategy that helps automate this whole process.

Part 4: Strategic Content

The fourth and final component behind successful $10,000/month blogs is the actual content. There’s certain ways the blog posts themselves should be structured.

Yes, the content must be good quality and there’s some art to that but most of it is more a science. There’s certain templates to follow that will help your blog posts be ranked on the first page of Google… and this is something most “blog gurus” don’t ever touch on.

After the dust settled from my crazy mad scientist research phase I ended up with a 4-part formula that I was eager to test out…

L.N. (O.S. + Q.L.) + S.C. = $10k/Month​

Lucrative Niche (Onsite SEO + Quality Links) + Strategic Content = $10k/month

I knew that if I got each part of this formula right I would be able to have a highly profitable blog.

So I tested it…

I launched a pest control blog in February 2017 and started to blog around topics like:

‘How to get rid of bed bugs’
‘Best cockroach traps’
‘What are the best mosquito zappers’

...stuff like that.

The first few months I didn’t make anything. But I expected that.

According to my calculations it would take about 12 months for it to hit the $1,000/month level.

In April, two months after launching, I started earning money from it. Only $10.12

But it was working...

Then exactly 12 months later I checked my earnings report and saw that it showed: $1,188.56.

I knew I was on to something big and I knew that since I chose a lucrative niche I was just scratching the surface.

And I was right… 

Because 4 months later I was earned $10,219 crossing the $10,000/month mark

12 months after that I was earning $48,536 a month from this blog! 

Considering I only made about $50k a year as an accountant, I was blown away. I made as much in ONE month from this as I did working 50-70 hours a week at my job.

Selling My Blog For $1.2 Million​

In 2019 ended up making about $178,846 in just 3 months from this blog and that changed everything. 

I was able to pay off the debt I had from the bow tie business. I put a bunch of money in savings and most of all, I earned the respect back from my friends and family, who were starting to question my sanity (hey, I don’t blame them I was feeling a little crazy myself!).

And then it got even better… 

I had a choice to either keep the blog and earn a great monthly income or I could cash out and sell it for over a million dollars.

It wasn’t that hard a decision for me since I already had the “keys to the kingdom” aka my $10k Blogging Formula. So I knew I could do this again… and again… and again.

So I listed my blog for sale for $1.3 million. You can view the listing here:

I still remember getting that congratulatory email from FE International, the company who brokered the deal (see below)…

It felt surreal reading that email, knowing that I was going to get $1.2 million from a blog I had built from scratch in less than 2 years. 

All while working a full-time job as an accountant, with essentially no tech skills, no big upfront investment, and no overhead.

But more than anything I felt relieved that I could finally quit the job I hated and have control of my life again.

What I Did After I Sold My Blog For $1.2 Million

A lot of my friends asked me what I was going to do with the money.

Sure, I was tempted to go out and buy a new sports car. But like I said earlier, I’m conservative with money and my goal was never to make a bunch of money so I could buy “stuff.”

I honestly just wanted to escape the rat race and stop trading my time for money.

So while a brand new BMW sounded cool I ultimately decided I didn’t need it.

However, we did buy a house!

And was able to take my wife on some really cool exotic vacations to places like Thailand where we spent time learning about the Buddhist Monks and their temples.

After the temples we went off into the islands to snorkel in the turquoise waters and to see some really interesting fish!

We also took the time to explore the nine volcanic islands within the Azores of Portugal. These islands were amazing full of scenic vistas, natural hot springs, and very friendly locals.

The Mediterranean islands of Greece was also on our to-do list. The below photo was taken on the hiking path from the village of Fira to the village Oia on Santorini. The views were breathtaking.

On top of all that travel we even paid off my wife's student loan debt.

But I wanted to do it again!!

Doing It Again!

I knew I had cracked the code to making an income from blogging and I was eager to get back in the game.

So I did.

I copied the formula multiple times and now have several blogs that bring in monthly income, just like the pest control blog did.

Most of these are private. But I also decided to share some of them publicly so I could help others in their blogging journey.

One of those public case study blogs I recently launched is

I followed the same formula for this blog and, like clockwork, it hit the 4-figure mark within 12 months. In fact, this one hit $2,000 in less than 12 months.

I publish posts about diamonds and other jewelry and then when someone buys one I get a commission.

In August of 2020 I generated $6,707 in revenue from this blog. And I know if I just continue to follow the formula this will be another asset I own that generates $10,000+ a month.

And who knows, I may sell it when it gets big enough, just like I did the pest control one, or I may keep it as an ongoing public case study that I can use to teach others.

By the way, speaking of teaching others…

Someone recently asked me:

"Why Are You Giving Away Your Secret Sauce Instead Of Keeping It Private?"

It’s a great question.

Because the truth is I could just keep my $10k Blogging Formula a secret and only use it to make myself richer.

And believe me, I considered it.

But I’ll be honest and tell you why I decided to do this…

After you make $1.2 million, and you’re only 28 years old you realize you could retire early. If you invest $1.2 million and you make 10% a year from it that’s $120,000 in annual income.

But go ask anyone who is retired and they’ll tell you how BORING it really is to sit around and do nothing all day.

So instead of wasting away in a hammock all day I thought, ‘what if I could help others experience the kind of life I now enjoy with my wife?’

How many other people are still trapped in the rat race like I was?

And what if I could give them a road map to follow so they could escape?

The more I pondered this, and the more I talked to people, the more I realized there was a huge need here…

People like my Student Anthony who said:

“A turning point in my life was when my son was born and I realized I didn’t want to be that 80-hour dad where I’m just always at work. And I knew there had to be like a better way to build something that way I’m not stuck there.”

So yes, while making money is exciting, there’s really only so much money you need to live a good life… and then once you have enough it really becomes about making an impact and fulfilling your purpose.

And that’s what I really feel like I’m doing here with the Blogging Boot Camp, which I’d like to tell you about…

What Is The Blogging Boot Camp?

The Blogging Boot Camp is a 9-week online training program where I walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know to build a $10,000/month blog from scratch.

I literally show you the exact same process I use to build my blogs. The same process I used to build a blog to over $50,000/month and then sold for $1.2 million in just two years.

It’s the same process I use for my other public case study sites, like and

It’s the same process others have used to build profitable blogs, like Arie Van Tujle, who I’ll tell you more about below. Arie followed this same formula and less than 18 months later had his first $10,000 month.

The following modules are designed to be completed in order. If you want results you need to stick with the program. If you decide to deviate and do your own thing then it won’t work.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this — and tested it on multiple blogs. So I know it works.

Program Curriculum

Module 1 - Building Your $10k/Month Money Machine Mindset

  • The exact steps you need to follow to go from $0 to your first $1,000 per month in just 12 months or less.

  • Why most people approach blogging backwards (and how to do it fast, easy and effectively instead).

  • Don’t have a lot of time to work on your website? No problem (I built my $1.2 million blog, working 50-60 hour weeks…and I’ll show you how).

  • An easy and fun way to stay motivated and keep yourself accountable during the early grind of building your blog.

  • An exclusive look behind the scenes of how I took a brand new blog from $0 to $678/month after just 6 months.


Module 2 - Finding Your Profitable Low-Competition "Unsexy Niche"

  • Follow these 7 simple steps to select your blog’s niche (most people get hung up on niche selection - but it’s one of the easiest decisions, if you follow my process).

  • Why I love “unsexy” niches and how to pick them fast.

  • How to knock out all of your niche research in 4-6 hours, using a dirt-cheap $7 tool.

  • 6 niches you need to avoid like the plague (unless you wanna get eaten alive by blogging sharks with more authority and way deeper pockets than you).

  • My bulletproof, 7-step method to identify extremely lucrative niches in just 10-30 minutes.

Module 3 - Using The "LTEF" Technique To Find 1,000's of Profitable Keywords And Blog Topics With Low Competition

  • How to find thousands of sizzling-hot keywords for your niche in just minutes that will fill your content schedule for months to come.

  • An easy trick to outrank much bigger sites.

  • A 100% free way to do all of your keyword research in minutes (not hours).

  • 4 powerful (and free) tools that will help you select your first 30 pieces of content

  • How to create a proper “silo structure” for your website (do this right once and everything else will fall into place).


Module 4 - Building Your Professionally Designed $10k/Month Money Site In Under 4 Hours

  • How to effortlessly pick a domain name - and why you need to check if it has been “burnt” before (this would make it 100x harder for you to rank on Google).

  • Revealed: my fool-proof, 100% free method to build your logo and pick your brand’s color in just minutes (even if “creative work” sounds as attractive as a dentist appointment to you).

  • Follow these 23 steps to get your website 99% done in about 1 hour (most people get hung up on building their website for weeks, sometimes months - you won’t).

  • Want free, lifetime access to my proven “plug-and-play” website template for any niche to crush it fast? I’ll show you how.

  • The 2 best places to find free stock images for your content.

Module 5 - Learn Shane's SEO Secrets And How To Ethically Take Advantage of Google To Rank Your Blog Content #1 Fast

  • The difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO - and why they’re both crucial to get you to $1,000/month fast.

  • My bulletproof 17-point checklist for On-Page SEO that almost guarantees a high rank (my most successful students use it everyday).

  • How to use thumbnails in your content to skyrocket your Google rank (your competitors don’t understand this).

  • My exact structure to quickly write captivating, SEO-optimized content.

Module 6 - Learn How To Create More Blog Content In Less Time Without Sacrificing Quality (For Dirt Cheap)

  • 2 ways to scale your blog fast even if you're a blogging beginner

  • My most tightly kept secret for pumping out high-quality content using proven templates and formulas that are optimized for the hottest keywords.

  • How to train your writers to create killer content that allows you to work full-time and still publish multiple articles each week (this will also make your editing process 100x easier).

  • My hiring test for any new writer (do this to check if they’re serious about working with you).

  • How to scale your writing team and start outsourcing the work (so you can focus solely on SEO).

Module 7 - How To Get Complete Strangers To Promote And Link To Your Website For Free in 15 Minute Or Less

  • How to use the “Skyscraper Method” properly to get complete strangers to promote your website for free (and see your traffic explode).

  • My 80/20 approach to find almost 200 websites to connect to in about 30 minutes.

  • How to make your email outreach 10x more effective (just copy-paste my templates to get fast results).

  • The weird “Munching Giraffe” trick I use to charm a response out of other blog owners and add my link to their posts.

  • Should you outsource your outreach? It’s possible… but you must consider one thing.

Module 8 - How To Get More Stuff Done In Less Time And Scale Your Moneysite To $10k/Month in 18 Months

  • The BIG differences between a $100, $1,000, and $10,000/month blog - and how to reach each level as fast as possible.

  • Use this free tool once a month to keep your Amazon links fresh and up to date (many bloggers lose out on a lot of cash because they don’t use it).

  • 3 tools and advanced tips for On-Page SEO to never experience “content failure.”

  • Advanced growth tips that will dramatically reduce your editing and feedback loops with any writer you hire.

Module 9 - Learn How To Extract Profitable Analytics Data From Each Visitor On Your Website

  • The best tools to measure your blog’s growth.

  • How to leverage Google Analytics to extract profitable data from each visitor on your website.

  • Why tracking outbound clicks is crucial to observe your blog’s conversions and revenue, and how to set it up in seconds.

  • Optimize underperforming pages with this tool - so you don’t leave any money on the table.

  • The 2-second process to set up your blog on Google Webmaster Tools: start tracking your site’s keywords and detect any problem immediately.

Let's Build Your Blog

Get instant access to the entire program right now for just 1 payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197. 

Enroll In The Blog Boot Camp (1 Payment of $497)

Or Three Payments of $197

Graduate Case Study: From $0 To $10,000/Month In 18 Months

Arie Van Tujle is a home inspector in the Washington D.C. area who heard Shane speak in 2019. “I’ve always been looking for something that would replace my income, where it would be like a passive income stream and where I wouldn’t have to be working like a dog forever,” says Arie.

Initially Arie first thought that real estate may be a good way to do that, however he quickly learned just how saturated that market was. “In my area, the D.C. area, there’s like 20-30 people fighting over every house flip. And that level of competition just kind of disgusts me,” Arie says.

Then in 2019 Arie heard Shane speak at a business event. “Shane told us about how he was able to quit his job as an accountant because of the income he generates from his blogs. And because it was a form of passive income, I was very intrigued.”

He decided to join Shane’s Blogging Boot Camp Program in early 2019. He published his first article in February and five months later the money started coming in. Arie made $82 by Month 5. Four months later he was up to $1,700. And by January he was making over $3,000. Arie had his first $10,000-month just 14 months from the day he stated it.

“I think blogging is 100x’s better than real estate. Just to get to $1,000 a month in real estate would be VERY capital intensive,” Arie says. “But with this I can be completely hands off for the next year and still make an income from it.”

Enroll Now To Get All These Free Bonuses!!

Bonus #1: Website In A Box

When I first started blogging I spent $8,000 on my first website, only to discover that it was not set up to be Google-friendly or conversion optimized — which cost me a lot of money.

If you sign up for the Blogging Boot Camp today I’ll give you the same website theme and framework I use on my own blogs. I have over an hour’s worth of video where I walk you through, step-by-step, how to set it up.

This will save you a ton of time and money!!

  • The same website theme that’s working in 2020 to make some bloggers $10,000 or more a month (this is proven to be compatible with the latest Google updates).

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to unpack your new website theme and set it up the right way. No guessing or watching hours of YouTube videos… simply follow the instructions that are provided with the Website In a Box kit.

  • You’ll be able to go from absolutely NO website to having a fully-functional website -- one you can trust will rank well -- in just 4 hours time.

  • Get a website that’s not only easy to set up but also looks good! I’ll show you how to make sure your blog stands out from the sea of dull and uninspiring blogs.

Bonus #2: Hiring Writers Toolkit

One of the secrets to scaling your blog is hiring expert writers.

Most bloggers never figure this out because they don’t know how to hire (and manage) writers, which is why I created the Hiring Writers Toolkit.

I’ll show you the same process I use to hire expert freelance writers for $0.04 (or less) per word. I’ll give you my job post template, interview emails and online hiring questionnaire that’s proven to attract the best writers.

  • My proven Freelance Writer Job Post template (simply copy and paste this, and change a few things, and you’ll have your job post up in minutes!).

  • An online questionnaire you can use to filter out unqualified writers so you don’t waste your time (or forget to ask the important questions up front!).

  • How to export all your job applicants into a spreadsheet with a single click so you can sort and filter them (this will literally save you hours of time!).

  • The exact email to send to job applicants who make your “short list” so you can whittle the list down to that ONE perfect writer for your blog.

  • My onboarding script that will show you exactly how I interact with writers and negotiate the lowest possible $/word saving you $1,000's in content costs

Bonus 3: 5 Field Tested Blog Post Templates

One of the smartest things you can do as a blogger is to use blog post templates.

This can help cut your writing time in HALF if you’re writing them yourself. And if you’re outsourcing, it’ll ensure your posts are high quality and hit on all the main points you need to cover in order for your post to rank high.

After years of trial and error I’ve come up with the 5 best blog post templates any blogger can use to make their writing shine!

  • The “Best Of” Blog Post Template you should use when writing posts that review products (how many products to review, the ratio of links to words, etc.).

  • The top 3 things every blogger should do when using templates/outlines if they want to scale (and the top 3 mistakes you should avoid!).

  • Use these templates when working with freelance writers and they’ll take you even more seriously since this is NOT how most bloggers operate.

  • Copy and paste Google Docs that come pre-formatted (so you don’t have to decide on the heading font & size). Just plug-and-play!

Bonus #4: Facebook Blogger Mastermind

It wouldn’t be a Boot Camp if you were the only one there!

More so than being able to connect with other bloggers, you’re going to get unprecedented access to me, Shane!

This way, if for any reason you’re stuck or have a simple question you’d like to run by me, I’m right in your front pocket. We’re taking “Support” to the next level!

  • Get expert answers not amateur opinions on how to build a successful blog using my 10k Blogging Formula.

  • Find out all the tips and tricks other bloggers are using to increase their monthly income (everyone here will be focused on building income-producing blogs).

  • Be part of a group of like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey as you are. Learn from those further along and also help those who are behind you.

  • Save hours of time googling and watching YouTube videos -- instead just get to the heart of the matter by asking your question

Bonus #5: Link Building Made Easy
(Outreach Scripts & Process SOPs)

One of the keys to blogging success is getting quality links. And the best way to do that is to reach out to other influential bloggers and get them to link to your site.

When you sign up for the Blogging Boot Camp I’ll give you the same outreach scripts I use to get high-quality links from “high authority” sites. Don’t leave this part up to chance… use the outreach scripts that have been proven to work for me and many other bloggers!

  • How to properly use the “Skyscraper Method” to get complete strangers to promote your website for free (and see your traffic explode).

  • How to make your email outreach 10x more effective (just copy-paste my templates to get fast results).

  • The same outreach scripts I use to get high-quality links from “high authority” sites (don’t reinvent the wheel, just use what’s proven to work!).

  • How to prospect at scale generating a targeting list of websites to connect to in about 30 minutes (this will save you weeks of trying to figure this out on your own!).

Bonus #6: Niche Analysis Tool
(Exclusive for Boot Camp Members!)

Wondering which niche you should focus on?

In this bonus you’ll get a list of approved lucrative niche ideas to blog about as well as access to my niche analysis tool. Pest control was one I started in 2017. I’m now also in jewelry and the baby niche.

However, there are plenty of other niches that I don’t have time to focus on that would be good “money niches.” And because I want to set up my students for success, I’m happy to give these away as a thank you for signing up!

  • Get a list of Lucrative Niches so you don’t make the same mistake I made with the bow tie niche and choose a topic that doesn’t have much income potential.

  • The hottest niches RIGHT NOW. The report is pulled every single month so it’s always about what’s hot now (this gives you a serious edge over other bloggers).

  • Avoid one of the most costly (but also most common) mistakes people make when they try to make money blogging… picking the WRONG niche!

  • This Niche Analysis Report is like having “insider information” about stocks that are about to go way up in value! Get in now before everyone else does!

Let's Build Your Blog

Get instant access to the entire program right now for just 1 payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197. 

Enroll In The Blog Boot Camp (1 Payment of $497)

Or Three Payments of $197

Summary Of What You Get:

Blogging Boot Camp 9-Week Step-by-Step Course
(Value: $1,997)

Full Blogger Mastermind and Community Access
(Value: $297)

Bonus #1 – Website In A Box
(Value: $1,497)

Bonus #2 – The Hiring Toolkit
(Value: $497)

Bonus #3 – The Perfect Blog Templates
(Value: $297)

Bonus #4 – Facebook Mastermind
(Value: $97)

Bonus #5 – Link Building Made Easy (Outreach Scripts)
(Value: $197)

Bonus #6 – Niche Analysis Tool
(Exclusive for Blog Boot Camp Members)
(Value: $397)

TOTAL VALUE = $5,279

Your Price: $497

If you buy now...

Enroll In The Blog Boot Camp (1 Payment of $497)

Or Three Payments of $197

Buy with confidence. I offer a risk-free
30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

Is It Worth It? Ask Our Current Members!

Heather Yan

“I'm really thankful and I can't recommend Shane's course enough.”


“I’ve dabbled in a couple of other businesses in the past and initially I was a little bit dubious about the business model of making money on a blog. I have an MBA and I’ve always been focused on how to create a scalable business model; and blogging sounded very labor intensive. But Shane debunked that misconception.

Shane actually teaches how to scale a blog. How to create a blog that’s sustainable, through a proven approach. And that’s what I’ve really valued in the Blogging Boot Camp. He brings his step-by-step repeatable kind of template that he himself executed, not just on one blog, but on multiple blogs. I’ve found this to be really worth my time and money. It can just expedite the process, especially for someone who has never started a blog before. I’ve been really happy with the results. I started to pull in revenue from this blogging business, which I’m really happy about.

Shane is really honest about his methodology, which is invaluable, since he’s someone who has built a successful $1 million blog in less than two years. He is truly invested in his students’ success. You can tell he genuinely cares about his students’ success. And he gets excited because he’s a true kind of expert in this industry. So I’m really thankful and I can’t recommend Shane’s course enough.”

Jed Lehman

“After three blogging courses, Shane's is hands down the best one I've ever taken period."


“Shane provides a super awesome data backed way to find a good niche. My biggest challenge was finding a niche that wasn’t overly saturated and is still profitable. He has a really great way that I’ve never seen before that allows you to pick a niche and makes it really easy. He also makes it super simple to get off the ground running and expedite basically every aspect of building a niche site from writing outlines to the actual template, the awesome template that’s provided in this along with just general SEO guidelines and ways to outsource work.

I’ve taken probably three blogging courses and Shane’s is hands down the best one I’ve ever taken period for the money. You cannot beat the value you get. The videos, the tactics, the templates, everything that he provides is just second to none. And what drew me to Shane is the fact he’s built a blog from the ground up and within two years sold it for seven figures, which is very impressive. What’s even more impressive is the fact he gives out everything he did to do that in this course, he shares all the secrets, tips and tricks. And at the end of the day, what it comes down to is just being able to put the time in, but he gives you an amazing foundation to do that.

But he also goes really, really into depth for some more heavyweight tactics that really help. And I haven’t found that information anywhere else online. So I really have to recommend Shane’s course, if you’re on the fence about trying it, take it from someone who’s tried like four different courses. For the money you pay here, you cannot beat it, you really cannot. I am not affiliated in any way. This is just a general honest testimony that what you will receive in this course is game changing. If you are looking to start a niche site or a blog, I would highly recommend it.”

Brenton Flynn

“I haven't met many people of the quality of Shane Dutka.”


“I’ve been working with Shane for about a year now, and I have to say I can’t recommend him enough. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the digital content business, worked with some of the biggest companies in the financial niche, companies generating hundreds of millions of dollars, and I haven’t met many people of the quality of Shane Dutka.

You don’t want some wannabe who maybe read a few things and then decided to become a consultant. You want people with real world experience that can tell you what to expect — that know what pitfalls are out there. And Shane has done exactly that. And that’s why I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Joe Brusca

“If this is the business model you want to get into Shane is definitely worth your time.”


“If you’re on this website, you’re probably wondering about Shane and who he is and, if he’s worth your time. I’ve been in a mastermind group with Shane for the past few years, and he’s been nothing but extremely helpful to me when it comes to making niche sites or content sites on WordPress.

I don’t want to sound like I’m over overhyping him too much, but Shane really knows what he’s doing when it comes to this. He’s well-read, well-researched and if anything is changing in this sphere he knows about it. If this is the business model you want to get into Shane is definitely worth your time. That’s that’s about all I can say. I’m just trying to just try to keep it real here guys.”

Brock McGoff

“Whatever Shane puts out is worth your money and it's worth the investment.”


“There are so many people out there trying to sell, make money, online products, you know, and trying to teach other people how to do online marketing but haven’t done it themselves. And Shane has, and he hasn’t just done it in that niche.

He’s done it in unrelated niches multiple times. He’s got a track record and I can tell you as someone who’s known him for a few years now that he’s a good person and that he knows what he’s doing.

If you’re looking for something, if you have that itch, but you just need a roadmap, I think that this is a good course for you. Whatever Shane puts out is worth your money and it’s worth the investment.”

Brian Ruther

“If you get a chance to work with Shane, consider yourself lucky.”


“If you’re going to learn this business model from anyone, Shane’s your guy. He’s done it himself before multiple times with his sites and he’s worked on our site as well. He’s walked the walk and it’s not another guy just talking the talk.

We would work with him again on another site in his continual guidance on our current site has been worth its weight in gold. So if you get a chance to work with Shane consider yourself lucky, cause we do and it’s paid dividends.”

Anthony Tilhuan

"I even told my wife. I said, this guy is a real deal."


“I’m just like every other average person. I work a 9-5 job that I’ve been at for the last five years. But I had a turning point when my son was born and realized I didn’t want to be that 80-hour dad where I’m just always at work. I realized how important family was and I wanted to get off the hamster wheel and stop trading time for money.

And I knew there had to be a better way to build something that would serve as my exit strategy from this job. And so when I saw what you were offering with the Blogging Boot Camp it was like a no-brainer. I even told my wife. I said, “This guy is the real deal.” It almost seemed too good to be true… You show exactly what you’ve done, your process and how much you’re earning. So you’re very transparent, which I really appreciate.

You’re very methodical when it comes to your process, which I really appreciate. There’s so much BS and information out there and so to be able to have someone who cuts through all that and shows me exactly what to do, is priceless. And the fact I can just reach out to you directly with questions has been so helpful. I used to follow these Youtubers but I’d post a question and it’d just get lost in the sea of comments. So to have a direct line to you is really valuable.

My end goal is to provide a means for my sons and a comfortable lifestyle for the wife. And because of this, by the time both of my sons get into school, my nine to five will be an option.”

Who Is This Program For (And Not For)?

This program was specifically designed to help people who want to build an income-producing asset that doesn’t require a lot of risk or capital. It’s for serious minded entrepreneurial types who realize “get rich quick” schemes don’t work and who want to commit to a plan that’s reliable and will provide a good return on their investment.

It’s especially helpful for anyone who has ever wanted to start an online-based business but didn’t know where to start. I’m not a hypey type of teacher so if you’re just looking for a course that will entertain you and give you the warm fuzzies, then I’m probably not the guy for you. But if you want a no-nonsense approach to building a blog that can generate $10,000/month or more then this is it.

Let's Build Your Blog

Get instant access to the entire program right now for just 1 payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197. 

Enroll In The Blog Boot Camp (1 Payment of $497)

Or Three Payments of $197

100% Money Back Guarantee + $100 For Your Time

The guarantee is simple: You have 30 days to test-drive Blogging Boot Camp. If at any time within those 30 days you say, “This is not for me,” then you simply email us and we will promptly issue you a refund.

Not only that we’ll also send you $100 via PayPal to make up for any time you feel you’ve wasted…

But honestly, I highly doubt you’ll be requesting a refund. Instead most students wonder why I don’t charge more for this. They think I’m crazy not to sell this for at least $2,000.

However, I know it can be scary to buy things online — especially if you don’t know the person — which is why I offer the guarantee that I do.

I have no desire to waste anyone’s time. So I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If you don’t like it just email me and I’ll refund you and send you your $100.

No questions asked (except perhaps, “How can we improve on this?”).

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Build Your Blog

Get instant access to the entire program right now for just 1 payment of $497 or 3 monthly payments of $197. 

Enroll In The Blog Boot Camp (1 Payment of $497)

Or Three Payments of $197

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